STAFFER at the conference on #ReskillEU – new jobs for energy and transport in Europe

08 November 2023

On 8 November, at the conference on #ReskillEU - new jobs for energy and transport in Europe, held at the European Economic and Social Committee, Barbara Grau, Head of European and International HR Affairs at Groupe SNCF, participated in a panel discussion on Sustainable Transport. During the event, Grau highlighted the findings of STAFFER, emphasizing its role as a crucial tool in bridging the skills gap within the rail sector. According to Grau, "STAFFER is an important tool to bridge the skills gap and ensure that the rail sector meets, not only the recruitment needs of today, but also of tomorrow. Existing occupational profiles are assessed, and new profiles identified, with much-needed attention to both digital and ecological trends."

The discussion at the event centered around the urgent need for new skills in clean energy and transport sectors. The focus was on skills development through research and innovation activities, highlighting their essential role in shaping the future workforce in these critical areas.

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