STAFFER at the Australian Future Rail Skills Forum 2023

09 September 2023

On the 28th of July 2023, STAFFER joined the Future Rail Skills Forum, organised by the Australian National Transport Commission (NTC).

The Forum was a gathering of key leaders from various sectors in Australia, including government officials, union representatives, and professionals from the rail and education fields. Together, they aimed to tackle pressing issues related to rail skills, understand the hurdles in meeting the demand for skilled workers, and brainstorm ways to reach their goals. STAFFER took part in showcasing a European perspective.

Alice Consilvio, STAFFER Coordination Group, Researcher, Transportation Engineering, University of Genoa, Italy discussed the project and skill shortages in Europe's rail sector. She explained that STAFFER involves 31 partners from 12 European countries, focusing on integrating perspectives from operators, suppliers, and educational institutions. The initiative underscores the environmental sustainability of rail, responsible for just 0.5% of the transport sector’s greenhouse gas emissions, positioning it as a crucial component of Europe's future multimodal transport system. STAFFER's key goals include adapting academic and vocational training curriculums to meet industry needs and attract young people and women. The initiative also seeks solutions for common challenges faced across Europe, such as changing skill requirements due to digital transformation.

Read the highlights from the event here.

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