Mindset matters – and so does Diversity!

20 June 2024

STAFFER Female Mentoring Program – inspirational network session

Diversity in mentorship helps break down stereotypes and build empathy.

Mentees gain a deeper understanding of cultural nuances by engaging with mentors from different countries in the STAFFER Female Mentoring Program. This not only enhances personal growth but also prepares mentees to work effectively in multicultural environments.

A mindset, which refers to an individual's attitudes, beliefs, and ways of thinking, plays a crucial role in how diversity is perceived and embraced. Similarly, exposure to diversity can shape and expand an individual's mindset.

Programs like the STAFFER Female Mentoring Program emphasize the importance of cultivating a mindset that values overcoming stereotypes and encourages to step out of the comfort zone. These traits are indispensable to bringing forward the European railway sector.

The recent network meeting of the STAFFER Female Mentoring Program provided a safe framework for our female STAFFER mentors and mentees for open dialogue.

Estelle Bacconier from the European Commission (Policy Officer, Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG Move), Railway Safety & Interoperability) was our inspirational guest and shared interesting facts and personal insights:

From a higher-level perspective, Estelle Bacconier points out:

  • There is a lack of engineers and so many other professions.

A study shows that if the activity rate of three categories of workers (women, low-skilled workers and elder workers) is increased to the level of the three member states with the highest rates for these categories, 17, 13 and 11 million people would be added to the labour market.


  • There is great value in compromise, closely related to diversity & mindset.

Estelle states: “The beauty of compromise” is proof that you have tried your best to find a solution for everybody and tried to understand everyone’s stance.”


In her closing statement, Estelle Bacconier encourages every woman to take their seat at the table actively. And equally important: be aware of self-imposed barriers!

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