Euractiv Op-ed: Year of Skills shows rail’s future is tied to Europe’s destiny

22 June 2023

The European Year of Skills is shedding light on the crucial role of the rail sector in Europe's future, particularly in relation to the Green Deal, growth prospects, and digital advancements. With a low carbon footprint and substantial contributions to the continent's transportation infrastructure, railways hold immense potential for driving a prosperous and sustainable European future.

However, skill shortages in the sector pose challenges to productivity, growth, and innovation. To tackle these issues head-on, the European Rail Skills Alliance (STAFFER) has initiated an ambitious project. This undertaking aims to identify skill needs, adapt educational offerings, and bridge the gap between sector requirements and the availability of suitable training programmes.

The findings highlight the importance of digitalization, sustainability, and technology in shaping rail professionals' competencies. Policymakers, industry stakeholders, and advocacy for inclusivity are working together to attract a diverse talent pool and establish a clear European skills strategy. By prioritizing skills development, the rail sector can fully contribute to Europe's decarbonization and mobility targets while securing its position as a vital player in the continent's sustainable future.

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